Located in the southern part of Giurgiu City – Romania, Shipyard ATG Giurgiu has direct access to the Danube River, which offers the perfect environment for constructing and launching ships with, including repairs for both inland and sea-going vessels. ATG has direct access to the Black Sea, through the Danube - Black Sea Channel and to North Sea / Rotterdam through the Danube, Rheine-Main channel.

The Shipyard has a steel manufacturing capacity of up to 600 / 700 tones per month, approximate 10.000, tones of steel per year and a capacity of 1.500 tones of aluminium per year.

From 2002 till now, ATG has delivered over 70 (self propelled and non propelled) vessels “Casco” or “Turn-key” worldwide, as follow: Cement carrier; Tankers type C and N; Fishing Vessels; Barges; RO-RO Barges; Pushers; Heavy Loading Carrier/ Dock; Port Container Barges, Hooper Barges; Floating Stations for Oil transfer; Multipurpose Ecological Vessels; Sea-going Combi Freighter Vessels etc.

QUALITY, EFFICIENCY and TIMELY DELIVERY are highly valued at Shipyard ATG Giurgiu.