Shipyard ATG Giurgiu has achieved in august 2015, to increase the capability of the piping department workshop and has purchased one mobile bending machine and two band saw machines with a total investment of over 110 000 Euro.

Mobile banding machine
The mobile bending machine MB642 is intended exclusively for bending tubes with the following dimensions and materials:

mobile bending machine 1

  • Outside diameter (tubes):6-42mm.
  • Max wall thickness (tubes): Ø 38 x 6mm – Ø 42 x 4mm.
  • S 355 (St 52) at tubes.
  • Outside diameter (solid bars) : < 30mm with special tools
  • S 235 (St 37) at solid bars

The band saw machine

Pegas 600 Camel X & Pegas 1000 Camel X

Pegas 600 camel x (2)



The cutting band saws have a perpendicular semi-automatic cycle. The moving parts of the equipment’s are made from high quality steel or cast iron.

The sound and vibrations are minimal. The machineries are equipped with a controlled hydraulic unit.



Pegas 1000-camel-x-

The unique construction of the band saw machines have three pulleys for leading of the blades. This conception enables high penetrability of the arm, the blade has 10 grades slope against the basement of the vice. The machines are suitable for powerful cutting profiles H, L fourside and round tubes.

The administration also approved the complete refurbishment renovation for the existing ship launching / docking platform (syncrolift platform), in order to increase the ship lifting capacity above 3000 tons.

The total value of the investment goes up to 1.000.000 euro