Shipyard ATG Giurgiu in collaboration with our Norwegian partner, agreed, built and launched the first Well boat- live fish carrier, one of the biggest and complex ship ever build on the platform of Giurgiu shipyard.

The vessel Øystrand was built in 12 months from April 15’ till April 16’ having the following technical characteristics:

• LENGTH: 79.80 meters
• BREADTH: 16.00 meters
• MOULDED DEPTH: 7.60 meters
• HOLD CAPACITIES: 2 hold*1800 [m3] each, total 3600[m3]



The WELL BOAT – LIVE FISH CARRIER will be used for the transportation of live fish. The materials and standard works are in accordance with the applicable rules of Det Norske VERITAS (DNV) and the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The vessel is equipped and arranged for the transportation of live fish in a close system, the fish can’t get into contact with any sea water during transportation. The water circulation in the tanks have been optimize with the help of the CFD analysis in order to maintain the best water quality during loading, transport and unloading. The cargo pipe system is fitted with an automatic washing machine and disinfection system, manual pressure and an ozone disinfection systems. Moreover, the systems are installed for monitoring oxygen levels, the water quality in the wells and the production and mixing oxygen in the cargo hold.



The ship will be fitted with the last equipment’s technology which will bring a decrease of vessel rolling during navigation on bad weather (storms and high waves), the low energy consumption, the last generation electrical parts, and last but not least the ship arrangement are reducing considerably the stress condition for both fish and vessel crew members.

Oystrand has a hold/ tanks capacity of 3600 m3 and is able to transport 540 tons of fish (salmon) inside. The cranes positioned on board can load and maneuver weights up to 10 meters along vessel shell side. The vessel is fishing in North Sea fish farms area.



The ship will be equipped with diesel electric propulsion system for an optimal economic and environmental operations.

All the modern equipment will be fitted in Norway, equipment which allows the maneuverability and integrity of animal welfare (marine). The boat has the capacity to evaluate each fish in terms of health, length and weight during transportation.

All systems and machinery are controlled automatically and from the control cabin you can evaluate/ access all ship’s information.


Additionally the ship is equipped with light, surveillance camera and underwater cameras for fish monitoring during transport and loading.

Among all the technical facilitates of the vessel, we also must mention the crew amenities which includes a top equipped kitchen, coffee lounge, TV room, lounge with panoramic views, cinema, gym, a sky lounge with Jacuzzi on top of the wheelhouse with 360 degrees panoramic views. Furthermore the boat is equipped only with single cabins with private bathroom and shower (TV; music system and sofa), which makes this boat a very attractive and comfortable work place.

The vessel is thus one of the most secure and sterile designs in terms of live fish carriers for normal size fish. The modern equipment, the animal welfare, the safety and comfort of the crew makes Øystrand one of the most modern fishing vessels from Norway, Shipyard ATG Giurgiu being a small part of this magnificent project design by the Norwegian engineers.


The shipyard continues its work with the same partner at a similar project that will be delivered in October 2016.