Shipyard ATG Giurgiu delivered in April, 2013 for the Galati National Company Administratia Porturilor Maritime SA (Maritime Ports Administration) to Galati and Tulcea ports, 2 (two) self-propelled, multipurpose vessels, for pollution and solid and liquid waste collection from ships and from surface water in case of accidental pollution. Also, within the same contract, there were completed the upgrading works (re-motorization) for the ship DEPOL 6, which will operate in Braila port.


RULE LENGTH                             21.00 m
MOULDEAD BREADTH                    6.90 m
MOULDEAD DEPTH AFT                 2.40 m
MOULDEAD DEPTH FORE               3.20 m
DESIGN DRAUGHT                        1.60 m
SCANTLING DRAUGHT                   1.68 m
BILGE WATER                                 25 mc
SEWAGE WATER                             25 mc
BALAST                                       4.30 mc
BALASR F/P                               16.00 mc
FULE OIL                                     4.00 mc
FRESH WATER                               2.0 mc

The Ships are constructed and equipped in accordance with the society of classification and the rules Bureau VERITAS (BV) – “Inland Navigation Rules – 2009” for this type of ship, classifications with the society of Classification and the ADN Norms (European norms for the ownership and transportation of Volatile produces) for the “tanker/double hull/bilge-boat”, rules/ regulations in the Romanian Naval Authority code.

The ships are designed for inland waterways navigation, self-propelled with onboard crew and fully equipped with the necessary technical systems for the intervention in case of possible pollution of inland waters with oil/chemical products, for river water decontamination, the collection of solid and fluid residue from the water’s surface and/ or from other ships.